As a colour consultant for interior projects I provide consultations to clients, from recommending color palettes and design trends for specific rooms to overseeing the entire project as the lead designer.

As a colourist I have an acute understanding of how colour impacts spaces, and I extend my craft beyond canvas to enrich environments. By immersing myself in a space, I combine colours that evoke emotion, shaping a unique palette that evolves organically. Embracing the complexity of light and architecture, I consider the many variables to curate bespoke colour experiences. Colour behaves differently through the light absorbency of materials—high gloss versus densely textured fabrics, natural materials of stone and wood juxtaposed with metals—these present a myriad of combinations that can be controlled through lighting.

My expertise extends beyond fine art; I’ve spent over 20 years as a creative director in experiential marketing, crafting immersive brand experiences for many leading brands in Ireland. I offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing residential and commercial spaces, and create captivating atmospheres that resonate with individuals and brands alike.