My work explores the aesthetic language of emotion, presented through a conflict on canvas. Each composition evolves from an impasto foundation borne of subconscious gesture, followed by an unrestrained flood of colour, which works in harmony or contrast with the primary mark. This raw energy is overpainted, blocking and muting, enhancing and elevating to balance the composition.

The square format serves to protect the abstract nature of its content, neither portrait nor landscape. This adds to the subjective nature of each piece. During the creation of each work, the canvas is rotated on the wall and tilted on the floor, taking months to dry. The swathes of texture, layers of oil, glaze and colour build depth and movement into compositions that leave an imprint of emotion.

Viewers draw on their own unconscious memories to evoke a personal emotional response to the work.

Dan studied Fine Art Painting at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, graduating with honours in 1998. All of his paintings are created using oil on canvas and range in size from 30cm to 120cm square.

If you would like to commission an art work, please get in touch. You can view Dan’s creative director work here.